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 11:53 - I only have a few minutes to write an entry before I should be off to bedrest. Week was exhausting, and my sleep is never long enough to give me full recovery. Of course, it's also greatly possible that I'm experiencing all this muscle pain because of it D: hope that's not the case.

Been using my boss's old MBP this week for the video-editing requirements of Y4iT Cebu, which had its successful conclusion last Friday XD And I'm already very much tempted to get my own, but my material-buying policy still has a good grasp on me: if something cheaper works just as well, why spend. The feature I'm most attracted to at the moment is the keyboard with the backlights. I CAN TYPE IN THE DARK.

I'm trying to get my dad to consider buying an iMac for the house, using the Photobooth to boost my claim that it'll be very much worth it =))

That's it for now. I hope I can write more tomorrow. I should spend an hour at least at a cafe and work on my story. November is almost gone D:


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