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10:17 - The first setup day of the week for Y4iT Cebu closes here at our residence for the bulk of the week, Hotel Pier Cuatro near SM City Cebu. Despite it being walking distance from the mall, the length of road between is bordered by squatters, making the path unsafe to walk on even in the daytime, especially if one is carrying expensive equipment, as the guard so helpfully told us. Hopefully we'll be able to move to new premises by the end of the week, for free.

Being in charge of documentation for this event, I guess I have to set up some sort of POA. Immediate tasks that need to be done by tomorrow are:

1. The first draft of the sponsor loop - I have to convert two unreadable files to PNG before I can even begin to animate the whole sequence. I still need ideas. Thank goodness youtube works.

2. I need to transfer all the video files remaining in IT and DC =)) That's quite a bajillion gigs of video files - . - both cameras need at least 8 hours of space everyday for two days, so yeah. Better start early.

3. Wire-shopping! I need an RCA to Audio-jack transformer, and I have no idea where to find one here in Cebu. We'll be scouring the malls tomorrow for sure. I just hope my period doesn't get in the way of it so much :< Thinking of just wearing my dress to keep myself comfortable huhu. At least the worst will be over by the time the Y4iT days roll in.

4. Download free Blender videos to inspire the youngsters coming in between speakers XD There's this really good selection Sir Rom recommended for the earlier Y4iT, and hopefully the internet will be fast enough to download them all XD

Sleepy deepy. It was quite a long day, what with arriving at 5am and having our gear so scrutinised by the airport. My tripod almost didn't make it to check in :< AND. I lost my one and only trusty Miteco swiss knife :< Let's rephrase: I didn't lose it, the airport confiscated it from me. I only use the tweezers part anyway, but still, it's like losing an appendix, it being so dear despite being almost completely useless (almost all of its blades were rusty).

Another long one tomorrow for sure, but one thing to look forward to is a buffet lunch at Golden Peak, which was a pretty decent place to stay in the last time I was here :3 Hopefully the food will be good enough (at least the veggies should be) or else!

Let's go Y4iT Cebu!


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