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One of the things I highly enjoy doing at work is creating little images for the UPITDC-prompted radio show E-Talakayan, which airs every Wednesday from 1-2pm on DZUP 1602. DZUP is the University of the Philippines' radio station located in the Diliman campus, and it has limited reach. It can't go further away than the general Manila area, so for those in far-flung provinces (like my parents :D), they can listen to DZUP online on their Weebly link.

E-Talakayan recently celebrated its first anniversary last Wednesday, Nov 7 2012. The hosts, Sarah "Joy" Salvio and Mario Carreon, gave us one hour of reminiscence and a preview of things to come for the show, plus a lot of freebies and giveaways for the listeners.

Since the show started running November of last year, a variety of IT topics have been discussed and shared with the listeners. Some of these topics include careers in IT, internet security, IT in the Philippines, computer graphics, gaming and almost everything under the sun when it comes to information technology. The show even had a discussion on how the internet and social media sites are affecting the society in unexpected ways, from helping out in disasters (like the recent Habagat floods) to spreading news, whether in a positive or negative way. I, being a media student, was of course intrigued by how IT really has worked its way deep in the cogs of the present time. I both marvel and fear at what it could bring in the years to come.

Aside from talking about the planned topics for the show, there is also the IT Trivia section, wherein the hosts and the guests share current trends and technologies, from new software developments to technical advice on gadgets emerging in the market. For the uninitiated, it's a welcome segment because it is able to relay these kinds of information in an understandable format. Heck, that's the whole thrust of the show, "kung saan ang IT ay hindi pang-eksperto lamang, kundi kaalamang nailalapit sa bayan."

Anyway, I'm really glad to be part of the show's production, and I do hope it gets to be of service to more people in the future :)

Links to the official E-Talakayan Facebook page can be found here, and their official Twitter handle is @eTalakayan. Click here to go to the main website, hosted by UP ITDC, where people can listen to past episodes. In iTunes, just search for the free podcast by typing e-Talakayan. Enjoy!

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I'm a sucker for introductions. While I do realise that very rarely do people actually go to the first entry of someone's web journal, a post like this gives me an excuse for a little vanity, a little self-appreciation, in spite of the fact that I am rarely satisfied with my state-of-being at the actual time of writing.

First, an explanation. Why Timog Lawin? Choosing a username is by far the most difficult task in creating a journal online. Either the username I really want is already taken, or I have a thousand ideas and I can't make up my mind on which to choose, for surely this journal is immortal, and I really wouldn't want immortality be named starglowfeenix16. No, the name has to have some sort of significance with my mental stability, at the very least. The name Timog Lawin is quite shallow actually. Lawin is hawk in my language, and it's an image I want to keep alive in writing. I want to have the capacity to explore, to always go higher, to places unreached , to have no limitations. Recently micro-blogging has greatly limited me, with its hedge of a hundred-forty-something characters. It has its uses of course, but it won't replace nice long posts about absolutely nothing :))

Timog means south. I come from the southern part of the Luzon island, and I find that there really is a distinction among people from different parts of the country, however small this piece of earth is. I'll get into that more as the journal moves along, hopefully.

Now we get to the purpose of this journal. I have, let us say, "volunteered", for quite a daunting task; that is to write stories within a certain time frame. Maybe I'll write the actual stories here, maybe I'll just use this as a place for finger exercise. Whichever way it goes, I do hope the web journal helps me to achieve my goal in some way.

That's about it for now. Customisation for this journal will take some time, but it'll happen :)) Links will be found on the right (or left, depending on my layout mood), but they aren't there yet. My Twitter is set to public, so you can contact me there if you so wish. The handle is @teatimetricks. I also have a tumblr (coconutparade.tumblr.com), but it's rarely used as a posting device; mostly I lurk there for pictures of Joel Edgerton or Warren Kole. Or Aamir Khan :) Still, follow if you will, and I'll follow back, unless I don't, most definitely probably.


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