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I'm a sucker for introductions. While I do realise that very rarely do people actually go to the first entry of someone's web journal, a post like this gives me an excuse for a little vanity, a little self-appreciation, in spite of the fact that I am rarely satisfied with my state-of-being at the actual time of writing.

First, an explanation. Why Timog Lawin? Choosing a username is by far the most difficult task in creating a journal online. Either the username I really want is already taken, or I have a thousand ideas and I can't make up my mind on which to choose, for surely this journal is immortal, and I really wouldn't want immortality be named starglowfeenix16. No, the name has to have some sort of significance with my mental stability, at the very least. The name Timog Lawin is quite shallow actually. Lawin is hawk in my language, and it's an image I want to keep alive in writing. I want to have the capacity to explore, to always go higher, to places unreached , to have no limitations. Recently micro-blogging has greatly limited me, with its hedge of a hundred-forty-something characters. It has its uses of course, but it won't replace nice long posts about absolutely nothing :))

Timog means south. I come from the southern part of the Luzon island, and I find that there really is a distinction among people from different parts of the country, however small this piece of earth is. I'll get into that more as the journal moves along, hopefully.

Now we get to the purpose of this journal. I have, let us say, "volunteered", for quite a daunting task; that is to write stories within a certain time frame. Maybe I'll write the actual stories here, maybe I'll just use this as a place for finger exercise. Whichever way it goes, I do hope the web journal helps me to achieve my goal in some way.

That's about it for now. Customisation for this journal will take some time, but it'll happen :)) Links will be found on the right (or left, depending on my layout mood), but they aren't there yet. My Twitter is set to public, so you can contact me there if you so wish. The handle is @teatimetricks. I also have a tumblr (coconutparade.tumblr.com), but it's rarely used as a posting device; mostly I lurk there for pictures of Joel Edgerton or Warren Kole. Or Aamir Khan :) Still, follow if you will, and I'll follow back, unless I don't, most definitely probably.


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